Arts & Culture

From its beginning, Groton has always drawn artists, musicians, writers, poets and more to live and create here.  For a town of only 11,000 people, there is a wide variety of art galleries and performing spaces in Groton, as well as artisan shops featuring locally made handcrafts. 

Center for the Arts

Groton has been a center for arts and culture since its earliest days when lyceums and salons flourished in its Center, a hub of commerce in the region.  Through the years, the natural beauty of the rural landscape and the proximity to Boston have continued to attract many artists, musicians and writers to settle here. 
A star hanging from a ceiling in a building.

Goldring Piene Art Farm

In addition, the town is home to several world-renowned artists who sometimes open their studios to the public or participate in town-wide exhibitions.

Goldring Piene Art Farm is an old Groton farm and the home, studios and exhibit spaces of artists Elizabeth Goldring & the late Otto Piene.

Visitation is by invitation only.

The inside of a water tower with a ladder.

Kalliroscope Gallery

The internationally acclaimed artist Paul Matisse has transformed an old Baptist church into the Kalliroscope Gallery in Groton center, and his Forest Bells are located on a trail in the Blackman Field and Woods property, part of the Groton Conservation Trust network of trails.

Visitation is by invitation only.

A room with a lot of art hanging on the wall.

Performing Art Centers

The Marion D. Campbell Performing Arts Center at Groton School
The Richardson-Mees Performing Arts Center
at Lawrence Academy
The Black Box Theatre at Lawrence Academy
The Performing Arts Center at the GDRMS
The Black Box Theatre at the GDRHS


A group of people on stage with a man in a military uniform, showcasing the quintessential New England charm of Groton, Massachusetts.

Theater Performance at the Groton School

A group of musicians on stage in an auditorium.

Groton Hill Music Center

Today, Groton is now home to the Groton Hill Music Center, a world-class education and concert venue featuring the Vista Philharmonic Orchestra and attracting a cadre of well-known performers.

Enjoy the Experience

If you are interested in learning more, visit the Groton Visitor Center.