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Are you looking for a venue for your next special event?

Your answer can be found in Groton, Massachusetts.

This area of New England has a rich history and beautiful landscapes for a wedding, corporate retreat, and family celebration.

When you book your next special event in Groton, you can be assured that you will have a memorable experience.


Groton is known as a wedding destination.  Each year Groton plays host to numerous weddings.  Groton offers unique venues and fine dining experiences.

Wedding photo credits

*Tatiana Blanco
  Photos at The General Field and The Groton Inn
* Amy Reichenbach
  Photos at Herb Lyceum at Gilson's 


Groton, Massachusetts offers a friendly and generous welcome reception for entertaining your guests for your special occasion.

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A woman is holding a basket of vegetables with a sign that says locally grown.

Farmers Market at Williams Barn

Seasonal Farmers Market is an excellent opportunity to show how much value regional markets bring to the community. Shop locally at the market held on Friday afternoons through the Summer and Fall.

WATCH: The Farmers Market Video with May Brackett, Co-Chair of Williams Barn Committee, and Mairi Elliott, DGC Committee Member.


GrotonFest is a yearly celebration in Groton, Massachusetts. First launched in 1979, the GrotonFest was formed to celebrate the town's small businesses.

WATCH: The GrotonFest Video to learn more.

A group of people standing in a grassy area, gathered to host a special event in Groton Massachusetts.
Host a special event in the unique and popular river venues of Groton, Massachusetts.


The River Festival is a free event attracting people from Groton and the region to the river in celebration and appreciation of its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. It features free canoeing, music, environmental exhibits, and other family-oriented activities.

WATCHRiver Festival Video to learn more!

GrotonFest Winter

GrotonFest Winter is an annual town festival celebrated in Groton, Massachusetts.  It is an event designed as a part of the town's local business development.

WATCH: The GrotonFest Winter Video to learn more.

Host a special event in a unique and popular venue in Groton Massachusetts.
The logo for the Groton Road Race, a popular event hosted in unique venues across Groton, Massachusetts.

Groton Road Race

Sponsored by the Squannacook River Runners, the Groton Road Race is held each Spring on the roads and side streets of Groton, Massachusetts. There is a Tots Trot, 2K, 5K, 10K race and over 1,000 runners.

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All Are Welcome

Today, Groton looks to the future as a welcoming community for visitors to experience
its many wonders and embrace its quintessential New England charm.