Explore the beautiful landscapes surrounding a white building with green shutters on the front. Enjoy outdoor activities near rivers and lakes with friends and family.

The Town of Groton

Experience the New England charm of downtown Groton. Take time to explore and enjoy the town's restaurants, shops, history, galleries, architecture and local culture.

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WATCH: About the Town of Groton with Town Manager, Mark Haddad and Vice Chair of Destination Groton Committee, Jeff Gordon.

Explore the Beauty

For those who love conservation, Groton is located in an area that lets you experience the beauty of nature.  The town's surroundings allow you to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Groton has over 50% of its land in conservation creating one of the most extensive Trail Networks in Massachusetts.  To access interactive and printable maps of Groton, visit Groton Trails Network.

Breathtaking Landscape

Groton's landscape is a wonder to behold. 
Drumlins carved from the Ice Age offer vistas that are breathtaking.

Nature & Recreation

Explore endless nature opportunities in Groton.  Groton, a place where the hills and trails meet the rivers.

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WATCH: The Groton Trail Video with Chair of Groton Trails Committee, Paul Funch, and Vice Chair of Destination Groton Committee, Jeff Gordon.

A group of people enjoying outdoor activities in a field with horses, exploring beautiful landscapes and rivers.

Equestrian Destination

Groton is recognized as an equestrian destination and the home to Hazel Grove Park including the Groton Riding and Driving Club (1932) and the Groton Pony Club (1957). There are a number of Horse Farms in Town as well.

Nashua & Squannacook Rivers

Thousands of people visit Groton's Nashua and Squannacook Rivers each year. 

Visit the Nashua River Watershed Association to learn more.

Explore the beautiful landscapes as you canoe down rivers and lakes with friends and family.
Explore the fascinating history and architectural wonders of Groton Massachusetts, as you step into the enchanting world of an old castle adorned with charming windows.


Bancroft's castle was built by General William Bancroft in 1904 atop Gibbet Hill in Groton, Massachusetts. Since 2000, the "castle" and trails became part of Groton's protected open space and were opened to the public.

Visit the Groton History Center and the history of Groton, MA to learn more.

All Are Welcome

Experience Groton and enjoy the many options available in this charming New England town.